(Formerly known as Cage & Co)



 April 2017.  After some time away the band change their name to Flirting With Spirits. They continue to work on new material.

July 2016.

 "The Road To Glory" (alternative artwork version) gets airplay in France on Webradio Ardenncafe.

The band prepare for their last single release of the year. "Flirting With Spirits '15" is released on July 15th with the video going live on July 08th. 

June 2016. Dave does an interview with Boston based online magazine Skope. Read the piece on the "external links" page.


May 2016.

"Tyneside On My Mind" (Single) gets reviewed by Skope Magazine based in Boston. Read it on the "External Links" page.

The band receive a "featured artist" spot on Reverbnation (starting May 31st). 

"Is This the Time?" and "Yesterday Part 1 (The Kiss At The End Of The World)" get more airplay on the Jay Adkins NUA show and a "Nameless Love Song" gets played on the Sophie Sweatman show in Cornwall UK.

"The Road To Glory " gets it's first FM Radio play on Oxford 24 FM UK. 


"The Road To Glory" is played on The Geordie Hour on Radio Tyneside. The track is also played on Celtica Radio and the Discover Music Radio Show.

A news article appears in The Sunderland Echo, Rail News and XC Life. 


April 2016.

Dave does an interview with The Sunderland Echo for an article about The Road To Glory single. 



A nice review here from the Dutch online magazine Strutter.

 Cage & Co 'Tyneside on my mind' (Independent/Hemifran)


Cage & Co. is a band from the Newcastle area, of whom 2 members were once part of a duo called Crowded Nation, who recorded several albums between 1985 and 1991. One of the members (Nick Mao) became part of an extremely popular comedy duo performing across the UK. Anyway, the musicians never lost touch and even managed to release an album in 2009 titled The Sound Of One Hand Clapping. Now followed up by a new album titled Tyneside on my mind, the band is called Cage & Co and nowadays formed around Derek Miller, Dave Ramshaw and Nick Mao. Besides them, we can also find musician guests like Simon Todd, Paul Harris, Joe Weallenas and Paul Robson. The included music is very diverse and shows the band’s influences from the past decades. If we go through the tracklisting, it starts with Yesterday, Pt. 1: The Kiss At the End of the World, which is a very modern, but retro sounding keyboard overladen early 80s new wav orientated track like The Editors meets New Order. Followed by Part of Everyone Else (a 1970s inspired singer/songwriter piece, with a folk approach, Irish influences somehow, acoustic/semi-electric guitar sing-a-long tune, perfect around the campfire, basically a great tune), Tyneside On My Mind (piano/keyboard led proggy kinda ballad, another great tune, with exellent vocalwork, like Fish meets Chris DeBurgh), So Lonely (REM ish altrocker), So Close to Paradise (quirky tune), Is This the Time? (a bit 80s new wave pop, catchy tune, Tears For Fears ish), A Nameless Love Song (also REM orientated, a bit altcountry ish), Demons of the Desert (happy 80s Housemartins, almost pure Britpop), Flirting With Spirits '15 (nice little happy poptune), Yesterday, Pt. 2: Yesterday's World (another piano/keyboard led proggy ballad) and closing track Yesterday, Pt. 3: Pick Up Your Guitar (nice harmonyvocal driven REMish tune meets a little prog, with also a great guitarsolo and balladish parts). Overall, the album has a dark slow melancholic sound, very diverse and without a doubt a high quality release from start to finish. Check out more at:


(Points: 8.1 out of 10)



The band make the playlist on Skope Radio from Boston, USA. 

A video is shot for "The Road To Glory". 

March 2016.

The band get played on college radio for the 1st time. The play in the USA on Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

The band record a song for the England Euro 2016 campaign called "The Road To Glory". 


Cage & Co feature on with their video Tynside On My Mind (Feat. Simon Todd. The site is based in Boston, USA.

The album is also featured on source fm from Cornwall Uk on Sophie's Spring board Show.


February 2016.

The lads receive an excellent review for their album Tyneside On My Mind by Joshua Smotherman from Middle Tennessee Music.

Read it on the "External Links" page.

Dave forms his own record label "Ramshaw Records".

The band turn down a cd deal with Canadian American Records due to unexpected "costs" payable by the band. 


RadioVest in Denmark play Is This The Time? The track also gets played across the UK on The Spread Show with Kevin J Mann.

We make the playlist on London FM Radio and also on South Waves Radio UK. 



January 2016.


Tyneside On My Mind is played on


More airplay from the states from New York on The Thunderhead Show and from South Carolina on The Beach Music Cafe.

 Two of our tracks "Yesterday Part 1 (The Kiss At The End of The World) (Feat. Paul Moose Harris) and "Tyneside On My Mind (Feat. Simon Todd) are being played in New Orleans on Crescent City Radio Many thanks to the folks over there.

 We are on the #344 Deuce Radio Show with our track "Tyneside On My Mind (Feat Simon Todd)". Airing on over 35 radio stations across the world. Catch the show here

 Some radio play confirmed for us from Florida, USA on


 More radio play coming up for us on Kevin J. Mann - The Spread on Sword Radio UK, WRFN1025,, Vulcan Sound Radio, GloTime Radio, and Thanks to all who play our music. Let the world flow.

Tracks playing on Front Range Radio in Colorado Springs USA. Also Yesterday Part 1 (The Kiss At The End Of The World) features again on The Deuce Radio Show.

Also radio play obtained on Splash Radio in Bedfordshire and on Spanish Radio show InterDual. 

December 14th 2015. "Yesterday Part 1 (The Kiss At The End Of The World) is played on The Deuce Radio Show and also on The Unsigned Community Radio Show from The Cotswolds.

The track was also played on various other radio internet shows from UK based stations.


December 02nd 2015. "Tyneside On My Mind" Feat. Simon Todd is played on BBC Radio Newcastle.


November 22nd 2015. The track "Tyneside On My Mind" is played on Radio Tyneside and "Yesterday Part 1 (The Kiss At The End Of The World) is played on The Deuce Radio Show.


November 20th 2015. The album Tyneside On My Mind was released as a digital download and on CD.


November 15th 2015.

Cage & Co sign a new deal with Deuce. This is a promotional deal for Deuce to promote tracks from the new album "Tyneside On My Mind".


November 08th 2015

"They Still Had To Go" was played on The Geordie Hour on Radio Tyneside.


October 2015. Nick Mao and Dave Ramshaw met up with Simon Todd to shoot a video for the single "Tyneside On My Mind". It is the title track off the new cd. Simon will be featured on lead vocals.


September 2015. The band confirm "Tyneside On my Mind", their 2nd album, will be released in November 2015. A charity single will be released just before the album. The track entitled "They Still had To Go" (In Remembrance). will be released on Friday 30th October 2015. All proceeds will go to The Royal British Legion.


August 2015. Radio play ongoing in Chicago and Mexico.


July 22nd 2015. The first radio play for "Is This The Time? is confirmed for Sunday 26th July. We will be on The Geordie Hour on Radio Tyneside, Radio South Tyneside, UKWA Radio and Auckland Hospital Radio.

July 17th 2015. A brand new Cage & Co track is released on YouTube. The track is entitled "Is This The Time? It is from a forthcoming album entitled "Tyneside On My Mind". The album is expected to be released in August 2015. 


April 03rd 2015. After airplay in America, Canada, Greece and the Uk we now hit the listeners of France. "So Lonely" feat. Paul Moose Harris and "Demons of the Desert" feat. Simon Todd are to air on French Webradio Ardenncafe. Another thank you to other featured musicians Derek Miller and Nick Nation. Let the world flow.


March 05th 2015. "So Lonely" (feat. Paul Moose Harris) and "Demons of the Desert" (feat. Simon Todd) are to be featured in Los Angeles, California by Crisher Entertainment. More exciting exposure in the USA. 

January 28th 2015. More worldwide radio play. On Friday 30th we air in Athens, Greece on rock radio show at 19:00 local (17:00 GMT) with "So Lonely" feat. Paul Moose Harris. Our last summer's single "Demons of the Desert" feat. Simon Todd is also airing in the USA (alongside "So Lonely") in New York City on Also in Michigan on and in South Carolina on

January 16th 2015. Cage & Co feature in an article on a Tennessee music website. Read the article here,



January 15th 2015. Cage & Co feature in online Flysh, based in Virginia USA. Read the article here,


January 12th 2015. "So Lonely" is released on iTunes, Amazon and all major download stores.

January 11th 2015. "So Lonely" gets its first radio play on "The Geordie Hour" on Radio Tyneside and is broadcast all over the world. 

December 18th 2014. The video was recorded for "So Lonely" which is the new single released on Monday January 12th 2015.


December 16th 2014.  "The Best Christmas Ever" is now being played in the USA in New York City, Tennessee, South Carolina, California and Texas on local radio shows.

December 09th 2014. "The Best Christmas Ever" gets played on BBC Radio Newcastle.  



December 01st 2014. Cage & Co release a Christmas song "The Best Christmas Ever".






October 31st 2014. "Demons of the Desert" gets another play in the USA on the radio show "Halfway around the World".

September 25th 2014. "Demons of the Desert" gets its 5th play on the 285th Deuce Radio show. 


July 01st 2014. "Demons of the Desert" gets it's first play in the USA to celebrate independence week. It was played on the Cut N Dry Radio Show based in California.

June 19th 2014. "Demons of the Desert" gets it's first play on the 271st Deuce Radio Show. 


June 17th 2014. "Demons of the Desert" gets played on Radio Riviera in Devon. 

June 15th 2014. "Demons of the Desert" gets played on The Geordie Hour on Radio Tyneside.


June 2014. Recording was finished on "Demons Of The Desert" It is confirmed for release on Friday 13th June 2014. It features UK singer-songwriter Simon Todd on lead vocals and guitars. It features Derek Miller on keyboards and Nick L'Mao and Cage on backing vocals.

(Publicity brief)

 Following on from their successful 2013 charity album “As The Rich People Stand And Look On”, Cage & Co have released a stand alone single entitled “Demons Of The Desert”. It is written by Derek Miller, from former UK progressive rock band Cirkus, who also performs keyboards on the track, and Dave Ramshaw. It features UK singer-songwriter Simon Todd on lead vocals and guitars. Simon recently supported Boo Hewerdine at Sage Gateshead during his current tour of the UK, Japan and Australia.

The single is available for download on all major digital download stores from June 13th 2014.

For more information on Cage & Co and Simon Todd go to  and


May 24th 2014. A new single is currently being recorded called "Demons Of The Desert". It was written by Derek Miller and Cage. It is released on Friday 13th June 2014. It is hoped that Simon Todd will sing lead vocals.



May 09th 2014.


"Flirting With Spirits" is once again played on The Deuce Radio show number 264 (playing on over 35 radio stations worldwide.   




January 2014.

"Flirting With Spirits" continues to get massive worldwide airplay. The latest being on "Halfway Around The World". You can listen to the show here.

December 2013.

The full list of radio stations that have been recently playing Cage & Co music, via The Deuce Radio Show,

 The Geordie Hour (Radio Tyneside), Radio Andra, 8ear Gove FM, UWS Radio, KWSS 106.7 FM, Indie 104, Spains Heart FM, KROCKS Radio, East Lothian FM, UK Undiscovered, RFTK Radio, Jump Radio, Venture Radio, Sound Machine Radio, Musictogousa, New Artist Radio, Leith FM, Radio Emergenti, Dekadance Radio, Butterflies Radio, IRN, Apollo Radio, Pirate Radio Of The Treasure Coast, Kint98, Dover Community Radio, East Manchester Radio, Eye Rocks Radio, QFR,  Kents Krypt, Urock Radio, Stones Live, Love Music FM Extra, The Penguin,  KUBE Radio, Panama Rock Radio, Q Star Radio, Treble Rocks Radio, Localized Radio, Cross Counties Radio, Rockers Dive Radio, REAL AM.CA, Atlantic Radio K, Liver Radio, WDYN Radio, Radio Arcadia, Radio Relaxo, KDDR Radio, Work Place Radio, Full Gamut Radio, M.A.D FM, Akaroa Radio, Triangle Variety Radio, Galaxy Gold Radio and College Underground Radio.




"Flirting With Spirits" playing on The Deuce Radio Show.









November 2013 ** NEWS *** Cage & Co are proud to announce that the amount that their cd has raised so far for Marie Curie Cancer Care, North East is approximately £270 from hard copy sales. The cd cost was only £3 and no production costs were deducted, so every £3 went to the Newcastle hospice. Download sales have yet to be added. Many thanks to all of the guest musicians who gave their time for free, and much gratitude to all of those who purchased the cd, downloaded the music or simply just supported us. You are all special people. THANK YOU.

Cage signed a deal with Deuce Management and Promotion for them to promote selected tracks from the Cage & Co cd. This came about by the fantastic response to "When The Light Gets Lighter" winning a recent radio poll with 22,000 votes. 

September 2013. Selected music from the CD was continuely played on worldwide radio. Sky Tyne and Wear did an article on "When The Light Gets Lighter".

August 31st 2013. The CD was released worldwide.

August 2013. 04th August and "Numbing The Numbness" had its first radio play.

"UK Revolution 2013" was released on 18th August. 

"A Madness Shared By Many" was released on 09th August.  

July 2013. A video was shot for the 4th single off the album "When The Light Gets Lighter".

"Numbing The Numbness" is to be played on The Geordie Hour on August 4th on Radio Tyneside, show starts 5pm and on Radio Northumberland at 6pm. Also being played on Radio South Tyneside, Radio Rake Lane and Northumberland Hospital Radio.

Simon Todd recorded lead vocal on "Again".

"Numbing The Numbness" is released as a single on Friday 19th July. A video is also available on YouTube. All proceeds will go to Marie Curie.

Derek miller (keyboard player in 1970's band Cirkus) is confirmed to do some keyboard work on a track called "Flirting With Spirits". 

 The new CD by Cage & Co "As The Rich People Look On" is now confirmed to feature (in no particular order) Simon Todd, Paul Moose Harris, Nick Nation, Joe Wealleans and Paul Robson. Released on 31st August 2013. All proceeds will go to the Marie Curie hospice in Elswick, Newcastle.

June 2013. Paul Moose Harris (The Mooseman) recorded lead vocals on "Numbing The Numbness". "Folie a Deux" was renamed "A Madness Shared By Many" and will feature some vocal work by Paul Robson (lead singer in 1970's band Cirkus). Simon Todd (UK singer-songwriter) also recorded lead vocals on "UK Revolution 2013" and recorded a remix version which will also appear on the CD. August 31st 2013 was confirmed as the release date.

 May 2013. A song entitled "Folie a Deux" was written. It was also confirmed that "The Mooseman" will do lead vocals on the opening track "Numbing The Numbness".

April 2013. Nick Nation recorded guitar tracks for "Numbing The Numbness". Songs entitled "When The Light gets Lighter" and "Again" were recorded.

March 2013. Keyboard work was completed on a track entitled "Numbing The Numbness".

February 2013. The release date for the CD is expected summer 2013.

December 2012. A demo of "As The Rich People Stand And Look On" was recorded. It was originally called "Political Lies" and was first recorded by Crowded Nation in 1987.

November 2012. The mono version of "Said And Done" was mixed and features the return of "The Mooseman" (Paul Harris). It will be entitled "The Printing Press Mono Mix".

August 2012. "Back From The Sea" was recorded. The song will be used on a promotional DVD documenting the restoration work of The George Elmy lifeboat in Seaham.

July 2012. Cage started work on the concept of "As The Rich People Stand And Look On". Inspired by political events in the UK and around the world (it was also a lyric in  the Crowded Nation song "Political Lies"), it will musically examine the gap between the rich and the poor. However, we have learnt that it will not be a "concept" album. It will include a final ever version of "Said And Done" in mono. Songs entitled "20,000 Tons Of Pride" (lead vocals by Nick Nation) and "Back From The Sea" will also appear. Writing has started and we expect a CD late 2012 or by the spring/summer of 2013.



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